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The Best Backpacking Food

Maybe your favorite trekking food is a freeze-dried poultry dinner. There actually is no "best" backpacking food. You can find reasons to bring particular foods, though. Here are five foods, and the motives you might want to consider them.

1. Nuts. This really is one of the most calorie-packed foods it is possible to take. That means less weight to carry. With lots of protein and other health benefits, nuts are some of the best backpacking meals.

2. Olive oil. Put in a little to your sauces or dip breads in it. The best of the actual oils health-wise, you can consume it before sleeping, to keep warm, because fat generate heat any time digested.

3. Path mixes. Any blend with raisins and crazy is great for backpacking. Vitamins, minerals, protein, and the best reason -- convenience.

4. Hammer toe products. Tortilla chips or even corn nuts are convenient, and they are not appearing to cause the low energy that potato chips and other simple carbohydrates could cause.

5. Ramen noodles. When you really need a hot meal quick, there isn't much that's better.

6. Immediate coffee. A necessity for caffeine addicts, and good to have a catalyst available for emergencies.

6. Wild edible berry. Learn to identify a few, and you'll have a nutritious excuse for a break over the trail.

8. Quick sports drinks. Put a little in your water bottle and shake. Replacing electrolytes doesn't get easier.

9. Instant refried coffee beans. When you want sustained power, eat beans.

12. Your favorites. Your favorite foods can help salvage a rainy backpacking trip put in the tent.

Constantly consider the nature in the trip when you choose your current backpacking food. Scorching meals are much more important in cold climates, along with convenience is king, if you want to make miles. A new bottle of bourbon might even be proper, if it's a trip along with friends.

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