joi, 6 decembrie 2012

The Best Backpacking Food

Maybe your favorite backpacking food is a freeze-dried turkey dinner. There really isn't any "best" backpacking food. You'll find reasons to bring certain foods, though. Here are five foods, and the reasons you might want to consider them.

1. Nuts. This can be one of the most calorie-packed foods you are able to take. That means a smaller amount weight to carry. With lots of protein and other dietary benefits, nuts are probably the best backpacking food.

2. Olive oil. Put in a little to your soups or dip loaf of bread in it. The best of your oils health-wise, you can try to eat it before sleeping, to stay warm, because body fat generate heat when digested.

3. Trail mixes. Any blend with raisins and nut products is great for backpacking. Vitamins, minerals, protein, as well as the best reason -- convenience.

4. Callus products. Tortilla chips or corn nuts are convenient, and they don't seem to cause the tiredness that potato chips and also other simple carbohydrates could cause.

5. Ramen noodles. When you need a hot meal quickly, there isn't much that is better.

6. Quick coffee. A necessity pertaining to caffeine addicts, and it is good to have a stimulant available for emergencies.

Seven. Wild edible fruits. Learn to identify a number of, and you'll have a nutritious excuse for a break down the trail.

8. Instant sports drinks. Fill a little in your drinking water bottle and shake. Replacing electrolytes doesn't get far more convenient.

9. Instant refried pinto beans. When you want sustained energy, eat beans.

Ten. Your favorites. Your favorite foods will help salvage a stormy backpacking trip put in the tent.

Usually consider the nature from the trip when you choose your current backpacking food. Very hot meals are much more important in cold climates, and also convenience is king, if you need to make miles. A bottle of bourbon might even be suitable, if it's a trip together with friends.

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